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Our firm provides comprehensive legal support in all critical areas, striving to ensure proper functioning of enterprises, encompassing also the organizational and fiscal aspects.

Broad international experience allows for guaranteeing good service and direct contact in English - in the full scope.


Long-term, extensive experience, professionalism and engagement stand behind effective actions, ensuring reduction of both risk and financial and time input.


Only the combination and identification of all areas of company activity gives the best result in the scope of effective management and counselling which is the most adequately adjusted to the needs of each client.

Flexibility and fast, purpose-oriented reactions to dynamic changes and situations which take place on a regular basis in each enterprise are of significant importance.


Practical approach and comprehension of business
  • extensive, long-term experience in the scope of creating, supervising and modifying contracts, tailored to the needs of our clients,
  • preparation and monitoring of all contracts related to the day-to-day activities of the enterprise,
  • participation and real support in negotiations,
  • identification and minimisation of risks related to projects,
  • elaboration of legal opinions concerning trade contracts,
  • full contractual documentation of ownership actions - acquisitions, mergers, sale of shares or stocks, organized units of enterprises (shareholders’ agreements, letters of intent, preliminary
    agreements, binding/dispositive agreements),
  • establishing and pledging of collateral on transactions,
  • considering the financial and fiscal perspective,
  • creating and implementing general terms and conditions in contracts, regulations and other necessary forms,
  • all other contracting aspects,
  • comprehensive service of contracts in English at each stage.


Fast and practical solutions
  • legal advice and representation at all stages related to investment processes, including planning, realization and project exploitation,
  • comprehensive support in the course of obtaining the necessary permissions and decisions,
  • direct participation in negotiation processes,
  • assessment of current conditions and restrains and pro-active reacting to same,
  • proposing fast and practical solutions based on experience and individual situations,
  • creating and adjusting the structures of entities (including special-purpose entities) for the needs of venture realization,
  • Elaborating contracts concerning funding, including leasing, credit, guarantee or other collateral contracts, including setting up and supporting collateral arrangements,
  • Elaborating full contractual documentation, including contracts applied in construction, among others, contracts (i.e. Design and build/ EPC, EPCM, FIDIC principles, consortia, project works, subcontracting aspects),
  • flexibility of scope, depending on the needs, including elaboration of tender conditions and support in the course of elaboration or verification of offers submitted in tender procedures,
  • at Client request, participation in internal processes supporting investment projects,
  • support of project management,
  • considering organizational, fiscal aspects including in line with the principle of risk limitation and cost reduction.


Initiative and good communication
  • real support in the course of the conducted negotiations,
  • proper strategy based on factual experience,
  • ongoing preparation, opinionating or recommending modifications of documents,
  • direct participating in the course of direct meetings or teleconferences,
  • taking initiatives and fast reacting,
  • ensuring full scope of services in the area of negotiations in English,
  • cooperation with reliable notaries, certified translators, tax advisors, accountancy offices and certified auditors, providing additional organizational back office.


Security of transactions
  • professional counselling in the scope of purchase and sale of real estate,
  • researching and regulating legal status of real estates,
  • all civil law and legal administration aspects of investment process as well as trading in real estate,
  • negotiating real estate purchase or sale conditions,
  • preparing and opinionating draft agreements,
  • establishing collateral of transactions,
  • administrative/ administrative court proceedings concerning issuing of all necessary decisions and permissions, including building permits, decisions on land development and management conditions,
  • assistance in obtaining all necessary agreements and opinions,
  • Support, documentation and supervision in the scope of rental or lease relations,
  • easements and other agreements in the scope of establishing burdens on real estate towards third parties,
  • all other significant aspects of carrying out transactions and projects.


Experience, trust and long-term relations
  • selection and comprehensive organization of the best possible form of activity conduct within each project,
  • comprehensive internal enterprise documentation, including draft articles of partnerships, statutes and other necessary deeds, from the perspective of Client needs, including application of specific solutions (preferential status of shares, individual entitlements, restrains,
  • disposal of shares or stocks, rights of pre-emption, output options etc.
  • support of ownership needs while at the same time looking after internal relations and a constructive dialogue among partners,
  • ensuring safety of functioning of management boards,
  • comprehensive service of general meetings of shareholders or partners,
  • organization, participating and support of the functioning of company organs (management board meetings, meetings of supervisory organs, other),
  • counselling and participating in the process of creation, liquidation, merger, division and conversions of companies,
  • transactions of acquisition of companies, sale of shares/stocks; transactions concerning organized parts of enterprise, including preparing draft documents (shareholders agreements, letters of intent, preliminary contracts, binding/ dispositive agreements), negotiating transaction conditions, notifications of organs,
  • counselling in the scope of the forms of financing, collateral and obtaining capital,
  • representation in proceedings before registry courts, organs carrying out business firm registers, organs carrying out registers of economic activity, fiscal organs and statistical offices in matters related to the launching and transformations of entrepreneurs, subjected to entries to the register of entrepreneurs and commencement and modification of economic activity of natural persons,
  • all other corporate aspects in the scope of active enterprises and planned ventures.


Focus on individual needs
  • related to copyrights and the related rights and material copyrights, including patents and utility models,
  • protection of trade secret (NDA, NCC, other) of research and development agreements, technology transfer contracts (know-how),
  • elaborations and negotiations in the scope of licensing agreements and agreements encompassing the transfer of copyrights,
  • representation in negotiations and legal disputes related to the breaches of copyrights and breaches of publicity rights,
  • protection of personal data including preparation of internal documentation, i.e. Personal data protection policy (GDPR requirements etc.),
  • rules of online services and privacy policies.


Safe growth and reducing the unnecessary costs

Preparing and realizing fiscal concepts adjusted to the current needs, including:

  • legal assistance in each area of activity, always observing fiscal aspects,
  • elaborating the most advantageous form of business activity conduct,
  • analysis and adequate drafting of internal documents of companies and agreements as well as relations with external entities,
  • tax variants for application in the scope of CIT, VAT, PIT for entrepreneurs,
  • planning and reorganizing structures of enterprises (also capital groups),
  • comprehensive realization of creating, transforming and liquidating companies,
  • Optimizing tax settlements for non-residents,
  • Establishing tax management strategy for foreign investors,
  • Signalling regulations in the scope of transfer prices,
  • Different types of solutions towards optimizing the value of tax obligations in the course of conduct of economic activity or generating, securing and protecting income and assets.


Reasonable management
  • optimizing employment forms (including overtime, unnecessary costs),
  • labour contracts and civil law contracts (management contracts, specific work contracts, mandate contracts etc.) on all levels within the organization,
  • accompanying civil law contracts (non-compete clauses/ NCC/ property assignment contracts, confidentiality agreements (NDA), vehicle disposal agreements, professional secret agreements, copyright agreement (IPR) etc.,
  • preparing, opinionating, modifying internal documents (including labour rules, remuneration and other aspects of the labour law,
  • legal and fiscal opinions concerning the planned and undertaken structural changes,
  • support of development and restructuring changes (transfer of personnel, collective redundancies),
  • optimal employment forms in case of foreigners, including preparation of the necessary documentation and support in the process of obtaining work permits,
  • verification of employee-related documents in terms of their compliance with the binding provisions of law (employee due diligence),
  • representation in negotiations and dissolving of disputes,
  • all other issues in the scope of labour law stemming from the ongoing operations.



Apart from other offer components, also in the scope of civil law:

  • elaboration of the best solutions in case of disputable situations,
  • seeking compensations, including insurance claims,
  • granting legal advice and elaboration of legal opinions,
  • drafting all types of agreements, contracts, letters of intent,
  • conducting negotiations on behalf of the Client,
  • representation in mediations,
  • Client representation before courts,
  • elaboration of lawsuits, petitions, appeals, complaints and all other procedural documents,
  • proceedings regarding payment on court and execution stages,
  • cases concerning easement, annulments of joint ownership, property protection and ownership,
  • legal support in the scope of all other aspects in civil matters.


Obtaining and reacting
  • representation in administrative and administrative court proceedings,
  • defining the conditions and restrains contained within the obtained administrative decisions and suggesting solutions,
  • support in the scope of construction law, acts on real estate management and other provisions regulating the investment process,
  • elaborating initiating petitions and letters, complaints, appeals from decisions and all other documents in administrative procedures,
  • supporting realization of investment and developer processes,
  • assistance in obtaining concessions, permissions and allowances as well as in conducting notifications and submissions required by the law,
  • elaborating legal opinions regarding matters in the scope of administrative law, administrative and administrative court procedures and foreclosure in administration,
  • representing the Client before administrative bodies, including also in proceedings before the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, Patent Office.


Comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs.
Local entities with national and international scope, regardless of their form (entrepreneurs, civil law companies, legal persons, all types of commercial companies, organizational units without legal personality).

The offer covers comprehensive counselling in the scope of compliance, including conduct of legal auto-audits of enterprises in terms of compliance with the functioning with the binding provisions of the law and assistance in adjusting to these provisions.

Implementation of the programme of compliance with the law (business and legal compliance) allows for elimination of risk of image losses, risk of decreasing company value or obtaining and maintaining public aid funds (subsidies and other capital gaining forms).


Thanks to the diverse foreign studies, good contacts and many-years’ experience in practical performance of legal services, bearing in mind the trends on international markets, our remarkable achievement is the number of long-lasting and confirmed relations with Clients representing foreign capital.

In the scope of legal counselling our Legal Firm combines experience in international cooperation with the knowledge of the local market. Appreciation and satisfaction of the Clients also in this scope constitutes the best recommendation and company business card.



Also the Polish companies directing their focus towards foreign markets or encountering problems to be solved on the foreign markets, may also feel free to entrust their cases to our firm.

Our firm offers comprehensive legal assistance concerning support for foreign nationals. We conduct actions related to legalization of residence and employment of foreign nationals in the territory of Poland in a comprehensive manner, including also application for all necessary permits and consents.


Our firm offers services in the scope of civil law, tax law and labour law the recipients of which are also individuals striving to resolve specific cases. We advise on civil matters, including in the scope of obtaining and selling or securing asset components as well as successions and comprehensive regulating asset situations. The services cover tax aspects, including in the scope of optimizing property related transactions. We support drafting of agreements, provide opinions as to their legal and fiscal consequences. All our services may also be performed on the basis of a single time order within individual relations.

Slawa Jankowska

Since 2006 we have been involved in continuous operations in the scope of economic, civil and international law, including in particular constant cooperation with foreign capital enterprises and permanent conduct of activities in full scope carried out in English.

Legal apprenticeship at the Bar Chamber in Zielona Góra, simultaneous work at the law firm with business profile

Diploma of the IV Business and Marketing, Kent Institute of Business and Technology, Sydney, Australia, post graduate studies in Business College, Kent Institute of Business and Technology, Sydney

Scholarship studies at Cambridge University, Great Britain, Common British law and European Union law 

  • Since 2006 we have been involved in continuous operations in the scope of economic, civil and international law, including in particular constant cooperation with foreign capital enterprises and permanent conduct of activities in full scope carried out in English.
  • Legal apprenticeship at the Bar Chamber in Zielona Góra, simultaneous work at the law firm with business profile
  • Diploma of the IV Business and Marketing, Kent Institute of Business and Technology, Sydney, Australia, post graduate studies in Business College, Kent Institute of Business and Technology, Sydney
  • Scholarship studies at Cambridge University, Great Britain, Common British law and European Union law 
  • Two-year, expanded, English-run MA seminar on International Trade Transactions under the guidance of Prof. Stanisław Sołtysiński Ph.D. and Prof. Marian Kępiński Ph.D.,  Chair of Commercial Law, studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań
  • Studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań


Conditions of cooperation are agreed jointly with the Client in a clear and transparent manner. Depending on the specific needs, the offer covers a comprehensive legal service based on cooperation agreement or realization of specific order or conduct of specific project.

Cooperation between us and our Clients is built on the basis of mutual trust and open, proactive communication.

The system of settlements with corporate clients is based on a fixed, flat-rate remuneration or an hourly system or else, a combination of both above forms. Hourly remuneration for our firm depends on the volume of time devoted to the realization of a given order.

Our settlement system for individual clients depends on individual assessment of a given legal issue.

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Sława Jankowska - solicitor
ul. Słubicka 1, 65-127 Zielona Góra

NIP 599-243-10-64

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tel. +48 605 623 975

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